Jan Godlewski

YAK  is an idea of a table designed for dwelling interior.
  The project is inspired by historic handcraft and methods of manufacturing tools and equipment that were  formerly used on homesteads on the territory of present Podlaskie Voivodeship.
Simplicity and creativness were the hallmarks of the old-time tools and equipment. Limited technological options impelled a manufacturer to use  the material efficiently and create a rigid structure with uncomplicated structural joints. Such attitude yielded surprising technological solutions – simple and efficacious (i.e. self-tightening structure, multiple structural nodes improving stability, steam bent wood instead glued plywood). The project is an attempt to refer to that tradition.
The table is made of solid beech wood. The table legs were turned, cut vertically into three parts and steam bent in order to improve the rigidity of fitting them with the tabletop.
It was essayed (with successs) to retrace the entire manufacturing process during the work on the project. All the stages of producing the table were performed personally by the designer.
There were constructed provisional tools and equipment similar to those used in old times,for example, a furnace to soften the beech wood with steam.